Maëlle DUFOUR (1994, Belgium) is a visual artist living and working in Brussels. She graduated from ENSAV - La Cambre (Brussels) in Sculpture and did a student exchange at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, in Helsinki. Since 2014, her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. She was part of the Triennale Art Public (BE), Biennale de Mulhouse (FR), Artagon III (chaired by Hans Ulrich Obrist in Paris, FR), Biennale Artour (BE), Free Space for Arts (Helsinki, FI) and Sartene Cultural Centre (FR).

Ses œuvres sont régulièrement présentées dans des institutions artistiques comme le BPS22 et le Centre Pompidou de Kanal. En 2019, elle présente deux expositions personnelles aux Brasseurs et à L’ISELP (BE). Elle a également été invitée en résidence à RAVI (Liège), MAAC (Bruxelles), Shake Résidence Nomade (Tunis), Drugstore Beograd (Belgrade) et Cinema Mele (Pizzo) et, prochainement, à Alumi Startwell (Amsterdam).

Her work has been awarded prizes and grants, including the Sofam Prize of the 2019 Watch this Space Biennale, the Prix de la Commission des Arts de Wallonie 2018, the public Prize de la Jeune Sculpture de la FWB 2020, the FWB grant, The Futur for Culture grant, as well as the Hainaut Province Award 2018, thanks to which she is currently working on a publication that will be launched in early 2021 (in partnership with the publisher CFC).

A General Work Description

Maëlle Dufour creates complex systems that question progress at the heart of past, known and future eras. She explores traces of decadence as much as first signs of hope, documenting the double-edge of progress and carrying awakeners of conscience who, through gestures of protection, reflect on the meaning of human evolution. She questions origin, memory and rebirth (or its absence): destroyed by nature itself or by the men who fought for its soils, are the ruins of these dehumanizing and dehumanized societies the foundations of a renewal?

The physical confrontation between her work and the viewer is destabilizing, and the size and weight of the pieces exceeding any human scale is constantly reminding us of the vulnerability of our own existence. Through system-sculptures, in perpetual transformation during the exhibition time, she explores “an archaeology of waste”, precious sources of information, prodigious physical legacies bequeathed to those who are still to be born.

By being embodied, her imagination also makes extensive use of the resources of material reverie that Bachelard theorized, and of a metaphorical palette of unusual richness. This feeds the paradoxical charm of her work, without ever losing its thread, bitterly touching upon the roughest of present history.

Yves Randaxhe (Curator of the Belgium National Bank’s collection)



2017-2018 ERG – ESA Saint-Luc, Agrégation, Brussels
2012-2017 ENSAV La Cambre, Bachelor and Master's degree : Sculpture, Brussels
2015 Master's exchange programme, Kuva-Academy of Fine Arts: Sculpture, Helsinki, Finland

Awards and Grants

2021 Bourse COCOF, MAAC, Brussels (laureate)
2020 10eme Prix de la jeune sculpture, Seraing (laureate, public)
2020 Bourse un futur pour la culture, Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (laureate)
2020 Carré sur seine, Paris
2019 Prix Sofam, Biennale Watch This Space 10 (laureate)
2019 Aide à la création, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (laureate)
2019 Godecharle (shortlisted)
2018 Prix de la Commission des arts de Wallonie (laureate)
2018 Prix du Hainaut (laureate)
2017 Artagon.III, Paris, FR(laureate)
2017 Prix jeune artiste, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (shortlisted)
2017 Prix du Hainaut (shortlisted)
2017 9ème prix de la jeune sculpture (shortlisted)

Solo shows

2019 Entre Intérêts, Biennale Watch This Space 10, 50° nord, Les Brasseurs, Liège, Belgium
2019 Entre Intérêts, Biennale Watch This Space 10, 50° nord, ISELP, Brussels

Collective exhibitions

2020 Triennale Art public – Commission des arts de Wallonie – Emulation – Liège, BE
2020 La Colère de Ludd – acquisitions récentes – Bps22 – Charleroi, BE
2020 Interroger le réel – ARTS*STRA – Maison de la Laïcité – Charleroi, BE
2019 Mulhouse 019 Biennale – Parc Expo – Mulhouse, FR
2019 ARTour Biennale – Musée de la Mine et du Développement Durable – Houdeng-Aimeries, BE
2019 Godecharle – Kanal – Centre Pompidou – Bruxelles, BE
2018 Prix de la Commission des arts de Wallonie – Abattoir de Bomel – Namur, BE
2018 Prix du Hainaut – Gouvernement provincial du Hainaut – Mons, BE
2017 Artagon.III – Président du jury : Hans Ulrich Obrist  – Les Petites Serres – Paris, FR
2017 Prix jeune artiste – commissaire : Michael Dans – Le Parlement de la FWB – Bruxelles, BE
2017 Prix du Hainaut – Maison Folie – Mons, BE
2017 9ème prix de la jeune sculpture – la Châtaigneraie – Flemalle, BE
2017 The Greatest Piece of Advice I can’t Give – Brasserie Atlas – Bruxelles, BE
2017 SOLI SOL SOLI – commissaire : N.Casielles – Maison des Arts de Schaerbeek -Bruxelles, BE
2017 Et moi je ne dors plus – Brasserie Atlas – Brussels, BE
2016 Jusqu’a en oublier mon nom – Brasserie Atlas – Brussels, BE
2016 Out of Office – 186 Avenue Louise – Brussels, BE
2015 «8323200s» – Vapaan Taiteen Tila Free Space for Arts – Helsinki, FI
2015 Backstage Scene – L’Escaut architectures – Brussels, BE
2015 Home Invasion – Espace Van De Velde – Brussels, BE
2015 Go Green – Marchin Centre Culturel – Marchin, BE
2014 Alias – Trade Mart – Brussels, BE


Collection du Hainaut, BPS22
Pivate collections in Belgium and France


2021 Alumni Startwell – Amsterdam, NL
2021 MAAC – Maison d’Art Actuel des Chartreux, Brussels
2019 Shake Residences nomades – Tunis, TU
2019 MAAC – Biennale Watch This Space 10 – Maison d’Art Actuel des Chartreux – Brussels, BE
2019 RAVI – Résidences-Ateliers Vivegnis International – Liège, BE
2019 L’Escaut – L’Escaut Architecture – Brussels, BE
2017 As Far And I Can Kiss – Cinema Mele – Pizzo, IT
2015 Ghost Rider – Drugstore Beograd – Belgrade SRB
2014 Photographie et video – Reykjavik, ISL
2014 Le parasitisme de couvée – Centre Culturel de Sartène – Sartène, FR

Press and Media (selection)

2021 ABSYS – Magazine trimestriel Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles de Paris – 01.21
2020 La Colère de Ludd – Focus Vif – Michel Verlinden – 09.20
2020 Avec Art Public, Liège fait la fête à l’art contemporain – Le soir, J-M Wynants – 07.20
2020 Art Public Liège – A. Santocono, catalogue d’exposition, novembre 2020
2020 Triennale Art Public – FluxNews 83 – Catherine Barsics et Alexia Creusen
2019 Entre intérêts – Manon Paulus, Mu-inthecity
2019 Watch this space, interview de Maëlle Dufour retranscrit par Clémentine Davin – «l’art-même» numéro 79 , 3eme quadimestre 2019 – p 48-51
2019 Avec ARTour, chacun vit selon son temps – J-M Wynants, Le soir – Mad- p22 21.08.19
2019 ARTour : questionnements d’aujourd’hui et projections de demain à Bois-du-Luc – ACTV antenne centre télévision
2019 Quand l’art contemporain dialogue au Centre – Mu-inthecity – G. Bechet
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2018 Prix de la Commission des Arts de Wallonie – catalogue d’exposition, septembre 2018
2017 ARTAGON III. une initiative unique ! – FOMO FearOfMissingOut, 10.09.17
2017 9e Prix de la jeune Sculpture la FWB, catalogue d’exposition
2017 11 Prix Jeunes Artistes Sculpture et installation : Carburant Citrique – commissaire: Michael, sept 2017

2017 SOLI SOL SOLI – Nancy Casielles, catalogue d’exposition, janvier 2017